SmallTalk Engagement Process

How We Get It Done

Today, A “digital solution” can mean a multitude of things. But no matter what we’re developing, from web sites to marketing campaigns to AI to IoT and everything in between, our methodology remains constant. A core element of our process is continual, tight collaboration with our clients, which ensures us the ability to deliver solutions that exceed expectations while meeting timelines and budgets.



Our Engagement Team begins learning about challenges, marketing goals, objectives, and needs. During this time, we provide our industry insights and expertise, engaging in dialogue designed to help us come to the best solution.


How we solve it

Next come interviews and thorough research including competitive, audience and market analyses. This leads to a concise plan to address the business and marketing goals that act as the roadmap for the engagement.


Make it a reality

We then develop the detailed design experience that brings the strategy and roadmap to life. These designs can take a wide variety of formats that include interface and visual design, marketing concepts, copy decks, and media plans.


Develop the solution

When everyone is on board with the design direction, it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. Our team works to build the front and back end of the experience, sharing our progress early and often.


Bring it to market

When the project is finished and ready for launch, we help get the word out to audiences. From finding the proper media mix to ensuring backend pieces are running in complete harmony, every contingency is planned for.



Once launched we work to optimize performance as we learn from analytics, testing, and learnings. It’s our belief that everything we put into the ecosystem can be improved by studying the results and the data it generates.

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