7 Reasons Content Marketing is Important for Businesses

The Importance of Content Marketing for Businesses

Imagine being able to supercharge your current marketing efforts, increase traffic to your website and ROI! Learn the importance of content marketing here!

Do you know the importance of content marketing? Your competitors do.

Recent studies show that both B2B and B2C concerns are boosting content marketing to increase their sales reach, improve customer relationships, and build their brand. 

As there are complex digital problems in today's market, the importance of reaching existing clients and new customers effectively is greater than ever.

Your competitors are investing, but should you?

As your mother used to say, "Just because your friends jumped off a bridge. Would you?"

Trust us, content marketing isn't a bridge to jump off. It's a bridge to reaching new sales goals, revenue growth, and overall expansion for your company.

Maybe you're still contemplating the resources and investment content marketing requires. Or maybe you're already sold and need to convince stakeholders that the time is now.

We've developed 7 Reasons Content Marketing is Important for Businesses.

Ready to supercharge your growth?

Let's find out why you need content marketing:


1. Content Marketing is Measurable

Digital tactics enable marketers to better justify their contributions to the bottom line.

The LA Times explains:

"Return on marketing investment can be measured, reported and tracked, rather than just guesstimated, as it was in the good old days."


2. Low Cost

Luckily, content marketing isn't just easily measured. The cost of content marketing is relatively low.

In today's economic climate measuring every dollar is a requirement for staying competitive. High overhead means high costs.

If your business spends too much on marketing they will eventually attract clients who can't afford your goods and services.

You'll be marketing the importance of a product or solution and selling consumers on these merits.  

But the major importance of content marketing is its low price.

As you will likely host content on your own website there is typically no additional cost for hosting.

Compared to other digital marketing strategies that include Facebook, Google, or launching display ads, content marketing is a small investment.


3. Heavy Returns 

Content marketing represents a small investment with a major return.

When you measure content marketing it displays a heavy return. There's a major ROI on content marketing. 

The importance of content marketing is that it makes you money. And since it can be measured and tracked you know exactly where that money is coming from.

Upfront costs are low and the returns can be astounding. 

Take it from Harvard Business Review:

Data-driven findings suggest how companies might get a better bang for their buck with content marketing — especially if they’re looking for a wide reach with different publishers and audiences.


4. Brand Management: The Importance of Content Marketing 

Content marketing builds trust. 

Too many businesses focus solely on graphics, missions, or logos when building their brand.

Take it from The Chicago Times:

"The brand is one of the most important parts of developing or reinvigorating your company. It's all about what emotions you want someone to feel when they come into initial contact."


5. Manages Relationships

Paying attention to your brand means fostering trust, client relationships, and loyalty.

Loyal relationships build businesses. The ability to keep and grow existing client relationships shows the importance of content marketing.

There's too much sales speak and digital junk out there.

When done wrong, the internet can seem like a sleazy strip mall with flashing neon and boarded up stores. 

Digital content is an opportunity to set your business apart from the crowd.

You can speak to the specific needs and concerns of your clients, your industry, and the current trends. You can quell their fears and show value as a thought leader in your market.

Keeping clients happy means keeping clients. And studies show that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

In addition, your clients are your testimonials. The importance of content marketing is it makes their job as sales assistants easier.

Through referrals and networking your current clients can help boost your sales. They'll be sharing your insights and industry knowledge.

You'll be enhancing existing relationships and helping to create new ones.   


6. Content Creates New Customers

Help your current clients and they will help you find new ones. At the same time, content marketing will be driving new customers and clients to your site. 

Let's not forget one of the most understood principles of content marketing.  

Boosting SEO through digital content creates inbound traffic. This is why so many businesses invest marketing dollars in a digital content strategy. 

Sales research "suggests decision makers read at least three pieces of content published by the successful awardee of the sales contract."

"The research also noted a significant rise in the importance of digital channels in the overall sales process."

The importance of content marketing? Content creates new customers.

And, as stated above, content helps your build on those relationships. 

Don't believe in the importance of content marketing for boosting web traffic? Think digital marketing is just hype?

Based on an average of four blog posts a week, a recent survey showed "Content Marketing Can Boost Your Web Traffic by 3,000% or More."


7. They're Doing It

The ability to drive an enormous amount of traffic, and new business, to your site is the great news about the importance of content marketing.

There's bad new too, if you're not investing in digital content marketing:

Your competitors are. 

The same recent study showed the importance of content marketing in the current business landscape. By the numbers:

  • 88% of B2B Organizations Market With Content
  • 76% of B2C Companies Market With Content
  • 51% of B2B Companies, and
  • 50% of B2C Marketers Are Planning to Increase Their Content Marketing Spend Over the Next 12 Months


The Importance of Getting Content Marketing Right 

With so much invested in the digital content market, there's never been a bigger need to approach this strategy with care. 

The branding, revenue, and return on any business is greatly assisted by content marketing. Making sure your business handles it properly is essential.  

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