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1x award winner

We are honored to be a Platinum Winner in the Web-Based Production category in the 2021 AVA Digital Awards. The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design, and production of digital communication.


2021 AVA Digital Platinum Winner

Web-Based Production

Desktop View of Enterprise Category on Fujitsu Scanners Website

What we set out to do

To position FCPA as a thought leader in the US, we needed to move them beyond a “speeds and feeds” technical specifications oriented website. We partnered with marketing, product, and sales teams to design a consumer focused marketing website that prioritized user-experience and information consumption, while helping guide users through the many layers of product details, solution sets and supporting content. The new site would also enable FCPA team members to easily manage the content, including regular campaign messages and offerings. Executing on this vision for their new site required a powerful and robust content management platform that simplified internal workflows and enabled fresh content publications.

How it came together

Our team started with a deep analysis of the half-dozen existing websites and the multiple back-end platforms that were to be folded into the new site. Based on this content analysis, we developed a centralized information architecture, user-experience design, and wireframes to be reviewed by Fujitsu stakeholders. The Sitecore platform for web development, content management, and analytics was implemented to house and deliver the new website. Once the path forward was agreed upon, our team started bringing the new website to life through experience based design, narrative driven content creation, and agile development.

iPhone Screenshot of ScanSnap SV600 on the Fujitsu Scanners Site
iPhone Screenshot of Fujitsu Scanners Website

What it did for the brand

The new site is bold, clean, and easy to navigate, and highlights the industry-leading technologies of the Fujitsu product line. The new CMS makes it easy for Fujitsu to maintain and update the site to keep it fresh and timely. To date, the new site boasts higher engagement numbers for site visitors, including higher sessions per user, pages per session, and session duration. The new site also has a lower bounce rate than the previous FCPA websites. These early successes have helped increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, sales and recruiting efforts.

Woman in an office setting by Fujitsu Scanner
iPad Screenshot of Fujitsu Scanners Imaging Solution Guide

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