Nature Made

SmallTalk dove head-first into the Nature Made and Pharmavite brands to harness their core beliefs and values, then translated them into the digital space to tell a clear, concise, and engaging story.



What we set out to do

Pharmavite needed an updated corporate site to convey the company’s mission and brand to partners and inventors, as well as to entice potential employees with a positive uplifting sensibility. SmallTalk set out to create a visually rich website that combined fresh photography and videos with a warmth reflective of Pharmavite. Positive first impressions were a primary goal, backed up with deeper content on each of the Pharmavite brands. Three primary objectives for the new website emerged: Brand Awareness, Credibility, and Recruitment.

How it came together

SmallTalk strategy and creative teams interviewed stakeholders in various departments at Pharmavite and worked with corporate communications to verify the parameters and goals of the engagement. SmallTalk’s design team created a gridded modular site, emphasizing the orange and yellow Pharmavite palette while also assuming ADA WCAG accessibility compatibility. A homepage architecture was devised that would give visitors an overview of Pharmavite and its brands, while also providing clear calls to action to explore the company in depth. Lastly, a streamlined content approach and updated user experience were provided for Pharmavite, living on a modern component-driven implementation of WordPress.

What it did for the brand

The new Pharmavite website better positions the brand with potential new hires, corporate partners, and investors. The design and site architecture serves both the consumer visitor as well as external partner needs. Updated SEO and optimized content throughout the site make appear in desired search results. Utilizing a simple yet powerful WordPress content management system, Pharmavite’s corporate communications department has mastery over ongoing updates to the website, including easily adding news items, press releases, and visual promotions.

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