Introducing Suneva’s new face to the world

“We knew that we needed to better leverage marketing, social media and create unique stories for patients and providers to better engage with Bellafill. We tasked SmallTalk to come up with a content marketing strategy that enabled us to attract more followers both on the patient and provider side.”

— Andy Vutam, Suneva

What We Set Out To Do

Our overarching goal was to improve Bellafill’s brand presence and engagement with three key audiences - practitioners, patients, and employees. The overarching objective is to engage practitioners and prospective patients by raising awareness by digital advertising, social media, thought leadership content, and key facts about Bellafill. Additionally, we helped Suneva to help employees leverage their own networks to improve their ability to reach out to patients and practitioners, as well as to highlight company benefits to recruit top talent. 

How it came together

Distinct messaging strategies were created for both consumer and practitioner audiences that were implemented across digital mediums from display advertising, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram by regular postings. This included creative, content creation, video production, and a content calendar. We also wrote and designed two robust guides to help train not only their internal staff, but also their practitioners, on how best to leverage social media to help their own brand and practices.

What It Did For The Brand

Even in their early stages the Suneva programs have created a strong foundational presence that have improved engagement and increased visibility across the varying networks.

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