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4x Award Winner

“SmallTalk’s ability to blend creative and technology together helped bring the Team Rubicon brand to life on the new website. Our organization is growing fast, and SmallTalk delivered a robust technical infrastructure that will grow with us. Our in-house tech team is fully able to maintain, scale and add to the site. We couldn’t be more appreciative of their partnership.”

—Trip Henderson, Team Rubicon






What We Set Out To Do

Team Rubicon needed a complete creative and tech overhaul of their website to match their updated brand, and to streamline and improve their content management system. They also needed a fresh user experience and technical infrastructure that would allow the site to grow with Team Rubicon as they added new capabilities and operations over time.

How It Came Together

Working in close collaboration with Team Rubicon, we crafted a new user experience design, including a sitemap and wireframes. The design, photography, and copy were updated to better embody the gritty, no-nonsense, "get s*** done" attitude of the brand. Finally, behind the curtains, we integrated with multiple APIs and services such as Google Maps, Classy, CircleCI, and Icomoon to deliver a technically robust and visually compelling experience.

What it did for the Brand

The new website launched just in time to serve as a destination for a partnership with MLB during the 2017 World Series. Team Rubicon’s bold new presence was seen by a huge number of people in a short time span, communicating their core mission, beliefs, and offerings in a bold yet simple manner.

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