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“The SmallTalk team was exceptional from beginning to the end of our engagement. They listened to our vision, helped us turn it into reality and kept us empowered at all times. They are consultative and transparent, which fuels exceptional work product. I recommend them for any high-growth company looking for a best-in-class website.” – Cameron Jahn, Director of Product Marketing, Zendrive



What we set out to do

Zendrive’s brand and sales strategy was evolving for Enterprise Mobile Network Operators and the Insurance markets. Plus, the Zendrive product toolkit is quickly gaining recognition across multiple industries and with the use cases, case studies and data streaming in, SmallTalk wanted to design a new online experience to get the website where it needed to be- quickly, safely and without distraction!

How it came together

SmallTalk creative and technical teams designed a CMS toolkit that is easy and efficient; one with a small footprint and a big payoff. The site is built on a component-driven implementation of WordPress CMS and it provides Zendrive with the tools its team members need to drive change and stay focused. The design prioritizes audience so that each user experience is curated, the content tailored – just what you would expect from a data-driven product team like Zendrive. Imagery and original artwork are impactful and thoughtfully placed. This clean, simple layout allows the user to focus, stay engaged, and learn.

What it did for the brand

Zendrive’s new website is a reflection of the company’s mission-driven and data-driven brand. It speaks directly to their new strategic direction and to partners whom will profit and save lives using Zendrive technology. The leadership, expertise and unique value Zendrive offers is brought to life across the site by converging mobile + auto + people with leading data, knowhow and thought leadership.

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